Festive Family Gifts – Gifting with Emotion

Everyone loves and appreciates gifts and little gestures that show that you do care. You do not always need an occasion or opportunity to show someone that you love them, especially if that someone is a member of your family. But if you have an occasion then why let it go to waste? Any time to show your family that you care about them is the right time.

This is a festival during which people are looking forward to spending time with their loved ones, away from their busy lives and hectic schedules. A time to celebrate the victory of good over evil, of light over darkness.

Diwali is the season to be joyous, a season to share and care with your family and loved ones and a season to gift and be gifted. Festival season is a time for everyone to come together and to celebrate that togetherness.
GiftSet CandlesHave we ever actually pondered upon why we gift during Diwali? Or why it is so important?This tradition of gifting on this special day has been going on for years to come. It is mainly done to stir up the immense feelings of love, to facilitate bonding between family members and friends and also to convey good tidings, respect, joy, and blessings.

Today, the process of gifting during Diwali is not as simple as it used to be during the older times. In this day and age, we give a lot of importance to what type of gifts we buy, how much we spend and we put in a lot of thought and effort in making the person feel special.

At Ekam we believe in festive gifting, togetherness and gifting emotions as sometimes we forget to appreciate the loved ones in our life just a little. This festive season starts by gifting them the little things that matter. We can help bring you closer.

We have gifts for every member of your family. You could please your sister with our enchanting body mists. These products just charm you with their zeal and leave you with an alluring aroma that lasts all day long. For your mother, the Lavender pillar candle would be a great option. The charismatic fragrance of this candle will leave her feeling rejuvenated for the entire day. Light up one of these beautiful candles and your homes would smell amazing.

Gift Set Candles

Our many varied scented wax melts make for a brilliant gift for your close ones as they would appreciate the scents and aromas. The vanilla wax melt is pleasant and sweet smelling. It is perfect to light up by your bedside table or just outside while they enjoy reading their book or a nice and quiet chat.Wax melt teakwood candles

Apart from these we also have our well established handmade luxury soaps. These exotic bathing soaps help nourish and smoothen your skin and get rid of unwanted toxins and you will smell and feel fresh throughout the day.

luxury handmade soaps

So do not waste any more time, show your family that you really appreciate them and this festive season come forward and make the art of gifting even more special only with Ekam. Shop for our wonderful products online on our e-store and celebrate this auspicious season with your near and dear ones. Start gifting emotions today at  www.ekamonline.com.



Ekam brings to you its Personal Care Collection, exhibiting a range of wellness products.

The launch of our Ekam personal care products, along with its vibrant e-store has created quite the impression on its existing customers.

Ekam’s new collection is a bold combination of beauty, healthcare, and zeal.

The tagline of Ekam “made special” holds true in every sense that there is a unique touch to each product.

The main aim of the E-store is to build a  larger clientele and to satisfy the client’s expectations of us. Our handmade soaps are unique, and apart from these, we have other body and personal wellness products.

From a  modest company selling candles to now building a luxurious brand, we have indeed come a long way.

The quality of the products and our unfeigned commitment is what has customers coming back, time and again. Some of our other aesthetic products such as the Meditating Thai Styled Buddha Candle are a fine example of artfulness and elegance. We believe in indulging in the best and especially when it comes to your personal care, you should not have to shy away.

As rightly stated by Mr. Vijay Kaniyar, the AGM of  Ekam, “When your schedule is filled with helping and taking care of everyone else, it is easy to forget about your own needs.”

Deep rooted beauty is the essence of the Ekam brand. Our main aim is to slow down the pace of time and make our customers feel special, as they rightfully are.

Our products are carefully blended using limited, scarce and premium ingredients. This sets Ekam apart from most other brands.

We have been privileged to be lauded in this article by PR news wire, which is a leading media communication technology and analytics company.

Our elegant yet spirited range of our very own creations is not only a treat to the eye but also to the mind, body, and soul.

We urge you to indulge in some luxury living, today.


Fragrances for Men

One of the primary factors of attraction is Scent. Women have higher sense of smell relative to men and hence, the way a man smells is directly proportion to his attractiveness to a woman. Few of the masculine scents are as listed below:


Coolest of nights can be warmed with spicy scents such as ginger, cinnamon and frankincense! These scents personify holiday baking- kindling warm memories for women.


Women find just-out-of-the-shower smell appealing and the citrus scents such as orange, red grapefruit, lemon, lemongrass and lime have the exact same invigorating and energizing effect. However, over dosage of the smell might make a man smell like the fruits section in departmental store.


For women who are particularly fond of fresh smell, the smell of soap, fresh laundry or soap have strong impact. These smell are uplifting and have calming effect on women.


Sensual and sexy, popularly used by most men, drives women wild. It forms the fundamental of most men’s cologne and is widely preferred by most women for their men to wear.  Musk based colognes are based on musk oil which is known to have strong powers sexual attraction. Musk oil was derived from musk deer.



Earthy notes are strongly associated with masculinity. The earthy aroma includes sandalwood, rosewood and patchouli. Scientific research has found out that earthy scents are like feel-good scents and warm the body. Also, women subconsciously find sandalwood smell very attractive.

Seasonal Fragrances You Can’t Afford To Miss

Every season is defined by various emotions which can be described by various scents. There are several things to consider when choosing a right fragrance for your home, apart from your personal taste. Choosing the right fragrance allows you to give each space in your home a different feel.

Spring is characterised by flower blossoms whereas summer is characterised by green plants and flowers.  Fall is characterised by deeper colors and lack of colors in the winter prove to give a stronger edge to fragrance of that season. Read on to comprehend suitable fragrance for every season!


Spring is known for blooms and freshness. With the increase in temperature we witness an uplift in moods as well. This feeling can be further enhanced with the right fragrance!

This season is defined by light, fresh and crisp perfume notes- basil, mint, orange blossom etc. It also includes fragrance of violets and lily of the valley.

Fragrance family: Greens


DSC_0708 For most of us summer reminds us of vacation, ripe fruits and of course! the heat and high temperature. This is the time we crave for water and sea. Cooler and fresher fragrances are the perfect contrast to the hot weather. It is advisable to apply the summer fragrances lightly due to increased heat and temperature.

Some of the summer fragrances worth mentioning are – rose, jasmine, bergamot, mimosa etc.

Fragrance family: floral



As the temperature begins to cool, we get a break from hustle and bustle of summer. The calmness and tranquillity prepares everyone for the upcoming winter. The best companion in fragrance for men and women alike are the woody notes.

As fall is defined by falling leaves, the fragrance that best defines this season are musky and warm – sandalwood, oak moss, amber, vetiver, patchouli etc.

Fragrance family: wood


Perfumes’ most preferred season- Winter! The low temperature gives a chance for fragrances to fully express their presence. Due to lack of bright colours in this season, fragrances get their deserved attention.

Strong fabulous oriental scents are highly recommended for this season – vanilla, cinnamon, incense, amber, spices, etc.

Fragrance family: oriental

Significance of Buddha Poormima

Buddha Poornima is a festival that marks the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha, the founder of the Buddhist religion. He is also said to be the ninth avatar of Vishnu.

Gautama Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama was a spiritual teacher too. He was born in Nepal sometime between sixth and fourth centuries BC and grew-up in Kapilavastu. A Kshatriya by birth, he was seen as one of the Supreme Buddha with an extensive physical description been laid down in the scriptures. The Brahmin Sonadanda, described him as “Handsome, good-looking and pleasing to the eye, with a beautiful complexion”. He has a godlike form; by no means was he unattractive.

For many centuries, festivals were held to honour Buddha. However, it was only after 1950, the decision about celebrating Buddha Poornima came to light. On this day, Many Buddhist visit temples, listen to monks who give talks and recite ancient verses. The devotees generally spend their whole day in temples, where a small statue of Buddha is displayed. The statue of Buddha is placed in a basin filled with water and is decorated with flowers as to symbolise a pure and new beginning.


On this day, Buddhists decorate the temple and surrounding area with colourful Buddhist flags. They also decorate their houses with lights, candles and diyas. Ekam gets you a stunning Meditating Thai Style Buddha, which has beautiful detailing signifying a gesture of peace and enlightenment. You can now experience and find rays of hope on this auspicious day—a perfect decor as well as a perfect gift, which you can think of giving on this blessed day to your near and dear ones is this Meditating Thai Style Buddha from Ekam. Bring home this Buddha candle, to enlighten your homes by the divine grace of Lord Buddha.

Associate the Emotions of Your Mother This Mothers’s Day with Ekam

A mother is the one who brought us into this world. A mother, without whom our life is unimaginable. A mother who plays several roles in her life- a sister, a best friend, a guide, a teacher and many more, with every role she has a smile on her face. For that smile, that love, that care, that concern what are you doing for her this Mother’s day?.

As a kid, it was easy to gift mothers with different handmade paintings, mother’s day cards, mother’s day greetings, mother’s day messages etc., Years pass and it becomes difficult to decide upon what new to gift her this year and make her feel as special as she is.

A mother is a blend of all emotions, she is the one who undergoes so many emotions in a single day.…She is the only person on the planet who works 24×7 without any expectation… THINK! Say “thanks” to your mother on this Mother’s day. This Mother’s Day make your mom feel special. Give her the best feel which she always gives you. Make her feel proud, make her feel special, because she is the one who deserves it all!!

Most of the moms today are extremely busy, so if you really want to surprise her this Mother’s Day, give her a day that is all about her. She is the one who witnesses multiple moods in one single day. Make her feel grateful for the unconditional love and the patience she has. And what better way to do it than aromatherapeutic candles. With Fragrance you can make her feel delighted. It drives the emotions and acts magical.

With floral scents like Jasmine, lavender, vanilla the feel of depression can be easily moved away. With scents of Mango Papaya, strawberry candles you can calm her stress, make her feel fresh, re-energise herself, build confidence and even help her having a better sleep. Gift her with the combination of any of these three beautiful fragrances in cookie jar gift box set.


Give her the sense of this uniqueness and make her feel wonderful. Be it Rose – the freshness of fragrance can create a feeling of unconditional love & wellness and has a positive influence overall. Or Cool water fragrance which reflects essence of the ocean, which is sure to refresh your mother with the intense freshness. The rustic cool blue colour of the fresh cool water scented candle is surely a wave of refreshment for the soul or Fresh linen which is a sunny fragrance, it smells crisp and fresh just like clean laundry. This irresistible scent will embrace and comfort you just like her favourite linens.


Gift it all with Ekam this Mother’s Day and it make a memorable one.

Ekam Wishes All the Mothers across the globe.. A Very Happy Mother’s Day!!

Significance of Ugadi with Ekam Candles

The season of festivals is here again….

Ugadi– The beginning of New Year, an auspicious time is here for commencement of new ventures. The legend of Ugadi enriched through decoration of homes using fresh flowers and fresh mango leaves, can now be enhanced with everlasting fragrance of Ekam candles.

Ekam Jasmine scented candle provides a unique and enthusiastic aroma to feel the complete significance of this festival. The enduring scent of Jasmine remind of new beginnings and good yields in your homes.


While the women folk decorate their home entrance with mango leaves and colourful rangoli, Ekam helps to enjoy the aroma of these mango leaves in every corner of the home through perfectly ripened Mango Lansat Fragrance. The sunshine yellow colour of the candle will reminds the legend that Lord Subramanya and Ganesha loved eating mangoes.

Ugadi Gifts!!!!..

Another occasion to gift yours near and dear ones is here. Ugadi!! Begin this New Year gifting your loved ones. Don’t chase your tail searching for gifts because Ekam is here with just a click on your fingertips. Gift them with variety of Ekam candles as per your wish and their taste.

You can gift your loved one with the heavenly smell of these candles which contains the combo set of: One Rose Preity Jar, Rose Pillar, Three Rose floater and Four Rose Votives.


Gift your friends with some really cool and exotic candles of your choice with Ekam and make this Ugadi a memorable one. Get this beautiful 3 pack cookie jar candle in a gift box. You can choose three fragrances of your choice: Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Teak Wood, Blue Water, Lemon Grass, More Mahogany, Mango Papaya, Vanilla Sugar & Strawberry Cream. Make fragrance reflect your love among your friends.

Ekam wishes you all…A good health and prosperity bringing happiness in the coming year…Happy Ugadi!!!